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Illegitimate Word Families

In some of my recent articles, we talked about morphological families: families whose members share a common meaning and structure. We talked about morphological families like BED, BEDS, BEDDING; CAT, CATS, CATTY; DO, DOING, DOES, DONE, UNDONE; FAST, FASTER, FASTEST; and I showed you how students can use scientific investigations and tools to help them understand these families.
More importantly, we saw how doing this kind of word study (how working with morphological families) would do powerful things for your students:

Nonsense Words

Last week a teacher asked me what I thought about the wisdom of using nonsense “words” like BIX, ZUN, and YEM with beginning readers. This teacher, who was getting ready to work at a new classical school, had been told that the Riggs Institute encourages—or at least condones—activities in which children work with such "words.”
“Is this true,” he asked?