Stephanie Ruston

A strong believer in the power of high expectations, clear goals and intelligent, deliberate practice, Stephanie has been working with children, parents, teachers, and other community leaders since 1992. 
As a master instructor for the Riggs Institute, she managed its Literacy and Learning Center in Oregon, working directly with children and also helping teachers use the Institute's proven practices to help remedial readers like Ivan acquire the domain-specific knowledge they needed to be able to spell, read, and write.
On the other end of the spectrum, Stephanie had the privilege of using the curriculum to instruct beginners in one of Oregon's knowledge-centered schools, where her little pupils were delighted to learn efficient handwriting techniques as they learned to write and read spelling patterns, words, and then sentences (their own correctly spelled sentences) before they were asked to read other people's books (which they could then easily do). Excited by the academic achievements of these ordinary children, Stephanie has continued to promote the important work of the Riggs Institute, a nonprofit literacy center and training agency created to inform and help those who parent and teach.
In her highly informative and friendly workshops, Stephanie helps participants who are interested in teaching explicitly and directly, using only paper, pencil, and step-by-step lessons to help children learn handwriting, phonic, spelling, decoding, and writing facts through four sensory avenues to the mind--sight, sound, voice, writing. (No activity sheets or other learning materials are required--or recommended--with this traditional teaching method. It is simple, cheap, and powerful.)
“This method of direct, focused, knowledge-based language instruction is a win-win program that makes classroom teaching efficient and effective as it makes learning interesting, relevant and exciting," says Stephanie. “Pupils are soon able to write sentences about history, science, and whatever else they are studying, and because the kids are 1) writing and reading simultaneously, 2) asking and answering questions, 3) and using their minds to direct their hands to produce a significant amount of good work, beginning on day one, they are completely engaged in their lessons. These lessons capture their attention and turn them into competent, confident, happy learners. Riggs helps kids thrive.
If you have questions about using this powerful approach to to help someone in your community, please see the Riggs Institute's informative website at or contact Stephanie at
Stephanie tweets at @Spell2Read.


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