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Riggs and the Common Core State Standards for Kindergarten

When a caller recently asked if the Riggs Institute’s lessons align with the 2010 Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts and Literacy in History/Social Studies, Science, and Technical Studies (CCSS.ELA-LITERACY K-5), I was tired of being unable to answer the question, and I decided to change that. Believe it or not, I had been putting off an inquiry into how we align with these standards because . . .


Using Riggs Lessons to Establish a Sight Vocabulary

In a Riggs classroom, students build knowledge on knowledge, skill on skill, and success on success, so Riggs students do not read books, sentences, or words before they have learned the alphabetic principle, and they are never asked to use whole-word memorization techniques when learning


What Are the Most Useful Rules of Spelling and Pronunciation?

After Riggs students can write and read 55 (of 71) spelling patterns (taught in the first few weeks of instruction), they start applying these patterns to the spelling of whole English words. As they begin to analyze about six words per day, their teachers introduce them to the rules that govern the spellings and pronunciations of English words (see below for the 47 rules taught).



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