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Sending Home Spelling Lists

Since parents of school children are generally eager to help them with their homework, some parents may become confused when Riggs teachers do not send home traditional spelling lists. Unless you help them understand why you are not doing that, they may even become concerned. I’ve heard from many parents who say: “Isn’t that how things have always been done? Why can’t I have a list of spelling words so I can help my child study them? His other teachers always sent one home, and my child needs a lot of help!


Skill-Building Activities

If you’ve been told that your school is using the Riggs program for reading instruction, you may wonder how anyone can teach phonics for the recommended 2.5 hours a day. But Riggs is not a phonics program. It’s a finely-sequenced, comprehensive, language arts program that starts with the basics of letter-formation, spelling patterns, blending, and syllabication, yes, but it teaches much more.


Building Fluency

I recently heard about a mother who was working with a ten-year-old boy who was having difficulty with fluent reading. Teacher Mom was concerned about Micah (not his real name) because she was already using one of the best programs on the market to help him, yet her son seemed to be struggling.

Using Riggs to Teach CCSS K-2 Foundational Skills

The first level of the Riggs Institute’s English Language Arts curriculum, the Writing and Spelling Road to Reading and Thinking, consists of 160 lessons and practice activities which are designed to directly and explicitly teach foundational skills and concepts to beginners, including a knowledge of print concepts, phonological awareness, phonics and word-recognition skills, and fluency skills. 



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